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Wash Me Express is Nashville's highest quality auto wash. We offer a wide variety of services, wash options, and unlimited wash plans that all work to protect your vehicle's finish and its value. To contact us for more information about our plans and services see our contact info below.
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HOURS: Mon-Sat 7a-6p | Sun 9a - 6p
510 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN
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Our Services



Our washes range from $8 for the Basic Wash & Dry to $20 for our all-inclusive Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine Premium Wash. Between this range you can pick several different variations of wheel cleaners, tar and sap removers, undercarriage care, finish protectants, and much more. For the Ultimate value don’t forget about our Unlimited Wash Plans.



From deep cleaning the interior to helping you get that showroom shine back, we can have you driving home feeling like you just bought a brand new car. Our detail services include an interior super clean, shampooing or leather cleaning of the entire vehicle (including upholstery, mats, carpets, and headliner), and an expertly applied hand wax.



At Wash Me Express we take great pride in the quality and convenience of car cleaning we provide our customers. We strive to provide a car washing experience even better than washing at home. To achieve this we provide such amenities as free vacuums, multiple locations, a dedicated prep team, and more – standard.

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Protect Your Finish

Washing regularly protects your vehicle from finish deterioration, rust, and devaluation

Monthly Unlimited Plans

An incredible value! Wash your daily for the price of a cup of coffee!

High Performance Wash

Our combination of superior wash equipment and prep process will provide your vehicle with a stunning clean

Customize Your Wash

With nearly a hundred combinations of wash packages and add-on services - fine tune your wash to fit your needs

High Quality Chemicals

We use state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly chemicals through our entire wash process.

Free Vacuums

Our powerful industrial-grade vacuums are available to you for FREE!

Unlimited Wash Plans

Wash Me Express is Nashville’s highest quality auto wash. We offer a wide variety of services, wash options, and unlimited wash plans that all work to protect your vehicle’s finish and its value. Explore our different Unlimited Wash Plans in the Slider Below.

$19.95/MONTH - Unlimited Basic Wash Plan

Wash Includes: ●Wheel Cleaner ●Tire Brush ●Spot Free Rinse ●Power Air Dry ●Front and Back Prep

$29.95/MONTH - Unlimited RainX Lava Complete Plan

Wash Includes Basic Wash PLUS: ●Rain-X® Total Surface Protectant ●Lava Shield™ ●Wonder Wafer (Air Freshener) ●Tire Shine ●360° Prep ●Undercarriage

$39.95/MONTH - Unlimited Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine Plan

Wash Includes Rain-X® Lava Complete PLUS: ●Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine™ ●Nitro Wheel Cleaner (Hand Applied) ●Lite Tar & Sap Remover (Hand Applied)


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For A Detail Appointment Or More Info, Call Us: 615-523-3130